Pre-Professional Track

Designed for dancers who want to enhance their level of training - either in high school, college or as a professional.

This Track requires specific hours of training per week in multiple dance styles, in order to promote a well-rounded dance education. Consistent attendance is required to remain on this level. In this track, the dancers study not just traditional technical styles (ballet and jazz) but also rhythm styles (tap and hip hop) as well as expressive styles (lyrical/contemporary and musical theater). Dancers are expected to push themselves outside their comfort zone to excel in multiple styles. In this day and age, a versatile dancer is highly valued and the skills developed will better prepare them for the next chapter in their journey.

For most styles of dance, RDC will have 4 groups in the Pre-Professional Track, where the dancers are divided by core competencies and skill level, regardless of age. Dancers do not need to be part of RDC’s competitive dance program to be in the Pre-Professional Track. However, “The Company” members will be placed in the Pre-Professional Track classes, with the exception of first year “The Company'' members who will take certain Pre-Professional classes.  Placement in the Pre-Professional Track and within this track’s groups, requires evaluation by RDC’s staff of directors in accordance with RDC’s Evaluation Policy. Director’s placement decisions may be for one or more dance seasons. 

Inquire for the pre-professional program by emailing us at


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