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School Year 2021/2022

schedule is now available! 


Registration is be available through the online portal and in-person at the front desk. 

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Summer Camps

All camps will run for 3 hours and feature a variety of dance styles, crafts, games and story time/video time.  We will have one teacher per camp day.  Each day will feature 1 dance style, a craft, a game that pertains to the camp theme, a story or inspirational video that pertains to the camp theme and time to improv.  Teacher will be responsible for coming up with choreography for each dance style. Music that correlates with each camp will be provided. Crafts will be pre organized and ready for campers on camp day. Stories and videos will be pre selected and sent to the teacher prior to camp day.  Game suggestions will be provided and teacher has freedom to choose the games that they want to play. Warm up content and music is chosen by the teacher.  

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Summer Intensives

RDC Intensives will provide a week of training to enhance your skills.  These intensives are designed to provide a rigorous yet fun-filled week of dancing to educate and inspire our dancers. Intensives will run Monday through Friday from 9am to 1:30pm (with designated 30 minute lunch break) and will perform a showcase on Friday for the whole family to see. Each week long intensive will cost $300 per dancer. 


Updated COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

We want to make sure everyone feels safe as we move forward. The health department has issued these guidelines and this is our commitment to safety.

  • Mini Classes - mask is optional.  If a parent will be inside the class, the parent will need to wear a mask.

  • Kids 11 & under (tots, kinders, juniors, pre-teens) - masks required

  • 12 & over - masks required

  • Lobby- masks required

  • Masks required regardless of vaccination status

  • Back Door will be open for entrance and exit

  • Air Purifiers will be running in each room/lobby

as of July 17th, 2021

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