Ms. Terrah Aldi

Revolution Kids Department & Dance Ambassadors Director

Terrah Aldi has been teaching with RDC since it began in 2006. She hails FromPittsburgh, PA where she started dancing at age 3 under Janet Naughton. Shecontinued her dance training in NYC at broadway dance center and under JackiePatterson and Sheila Barker. She is trained in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical andBroadway/Musical Theatre. She has performed in many stage shows including"Simply Christmas" and "The Children's Ball". She has worked with the CivicLight Opera and choreographed for McKeesport High School in PA. She moved toLA in 2002 and made appearances in The Drew Carey Show and The OC.Currently she lives in the Santa Clarita valley with her two daughters Nora andGretta.The dance world is constantly evolving and I am happy to be able to continuallylearn and grow and pass that onto my students. My goal as a teacher is to createa love for art, movement and a healthy body. Through positive reinforcement,love, hard work and a lot of fun, I hope to give my students what my teachersgave and continue to give to me- the gift of DANCE!! Confidence, health, passion,goals, expression and so much more! Dance happy! Love, Mrs Terrah.

Personality Traits

Loyal, Excepting, and Compassionate