Ms. Rachel McKinnell


Rachel McKinnell is an LA-based dancer, and teacher. She has 16 years of training recreationally and competitively in all styles of dance. She grew up at Revolution Dance Center, and was on Julie Kay’s Dance Company for 7 years.Rachel is a part of the LA Dance Magic Company and was recently accepted into the highest group in the company, Pro Track. Rachel has worked with multiple choreographers throughout her time in the dance community and continues to be inspired by the many individuals that she come in contact with. She has appeared in a concept video for Chelsea Vick titled,” Blessed”,  and was also featured on the SHEIS website in a video titled “Within These Four Walls”,choreographed by Fred Diaz. Rachel brings expertise, energy, and elegance to each performance. She is an invested, hardworking, and dedicated teacher and dancer, who loves dance and it shows in everything she does. Here at RevolutionDance Center, Rachel teaches all styles from Musical Theater, Jazz, Tap andBallet, and Hip Hop and is so excited to be teaching in such an amazing environment.

Personality Traits

Outgoing, passionate, determined