Mr. Fred Diaz

Studio Owner/The Company Director

Fred Diaz began his career as a dancer in Michigan. He moved to LosAngeles upon acceptance to the EDGE Scholarship Program. Hisperformance in the annual EDGE showcase allowed Fred to be scouted andsigned by the very respected and established MSA Talent Agency. He hashad the opportunity to work with many choreographers such as MandyMoore, Miguel Zarate, Scott Hislop, Tessandra Chavez, Dave Scott,TeresaEspinosa and many more. Since graduating, Fred has worked with artistssuch as Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez. He has been featuredin many commercials, music videos, television shows such as The Big BangTheory and America's Got Talent. He has also been seen in Disney shows orperforming at Disney. He has also choreographed for former student BillieEilish. Fred is also honored to be the Director for the Jazz/Lyricaldepartment as well as being the Assistant Director for JKDC competitionteam. As a teacher/choreographer he believes that hard work anddedication go hand in hand and will push you to your limit. Fred wants tohave the dancers flourish in every way possible while bringing art and passion to the table!

Personality Traits

Unparalleled, Amazing, and Devoted