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Welcome to RDC’s Online Registration And Parent Account Access –

For Online Registration or to Set Up a New Account  – PLEASE REVIEW BEFORE REGISTERING. 
What Happens After You Have Input Information in the Online System?
  • First, You will receive an e-mail acknowledging your submission
  • Second, You will receive a confirmation email from RDC that either (a) you are CONFIRMED in the requested class and you are NOW ENROLLED OR (b) there was a problem with your registration. (If your return email, shows a selected class – YOUR DANCER IS ENROLLED IN THAT CLASS)
  • Third, If you register in a School Year Session – your credit card required for registration was charged the non-refundable registration fee.  If you register in a Summer Session, your dcredit card will be charged for a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total program costs.   AFTER THAT TRANSACTION- YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE DELETED AND CAN’T BE USED FOR FURTHER BILLING.  
  • We will try to process all on-line registrations same day but please note that during a regular business week, it may take 24 to 48 hours for an on-line registration to be processed and confirmed. Over a weekend or holiday , it may take 48 to 36 hours to process the on-line registration. Online Registrations are processed in the order received and are generally processed at the end of the business day.
Some important information to review BEFORE you register on-line –

  1. Classes & Programs Available. RDC two separate class tracks.  RDC’s Development Track is the continuation of our current programming, designed for dancers who either want to try dance for the first time, try new styles of dance or take dance as a fun after school activity.  This track offers the opportunity for advancement in each style, but no pressure to fit multiple classes into a busy schedule.   There are no minimum hour requirements.  The Pre-Professional Track is designed for dancers who want to take their dancing to the next level - either in high school, college or as a professional.  This Track requires specific hours of training per week in multiple dance styles, in order to promote a well-rounded dance education.  Consistent attendance is required to remain in this Track, you will be notified by mail if your dancer is not meeting expectation.   In this track, the dancers study not just traditional technical styles (ballet and jazz) but also rhythm styles (tap and hip hop) as well as expressive styles (lyrical/contemporary and Musical Theater Dance).  Dancers are expected to push themselves outside their comfort zone to excel in multiple styles.  In this day and age, a versatile dancer is highly valued and the skills developed will better prepare them for the next chapter in their journey.  Registration in the Pre-Professional Track requires placement in all styles by RDC’s Directors
  2. Placement and Ages.  Our Development Track classes are broken down by age of dancer as of January 1st.   After meeting age criteria, anyone can enroll in beginning class. If a class has an * (asterick) or you would like to enroll in RDC’s Pre-Professional Program, you will need to attend a placement class with the specific director and be placed in the right level.   If you are taking classes at RDC now, you can check with the Front desk to see what level you have be approved for by dance type. If you are new to RDC or have not been approved for the level you enroll in online, you will receive an email telling you that you need to take a placement class and will NOT be enrolled in that class.  If you are approved to enroll in a Pre-Professional Ballet class, these classes meet multiple times per week and you must enroll in and attend all those classes. Placement decisions for Ballet are done by our Ballet Directors – Kelly Alvarez and Bondy Juarez; Placement decisions for Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theater and Turns & Leaps are done by our Jazz & Lyrical Directors – Annie Gratton or Fred Diaz; Placement decisions for Tap are done by our Studio Director – Julie Kay Stallcup or our Tap Director Zach Saunders. If you think your child is ready for an Advanced TBJ class or an Intermediate or Advanced class or our Pre-Professional Program, your child’s enrollment must be approved by the appropriate director.  Because Hip Hop is very stylized, admission into one of Jason’s Intermediate or Advanced Hip Hop classes requires the dancer to have taken at least one year of Hip Hop from Jason and Jason’s consent to be in the particular class.