Pre School Director

As a young girl growing up in the small town of La Crescenta Carly Clove had energy to spare. Carly first fell in love with dance after watching her big sister dance in a holiday recital. Like most little sisters she wanted to follow her older sisters example and began taking class around the age of 8. A young energetic spirited child with determination. Carly began her dance journey at a small studio called Cheers. Her first introduction to dance competition was high energy atmosphere in which Carly thrived. She enjoyed any chance she had to be in front of an audience. Three years later she began competing at a local studio called the Dance House and intensified her training in ballet, partnering, jazz, musical theater, and contemporary lyrical. She competed as a soloist and as a group dancer winning national acclamations at numerous competitions. Her proudest competition moments were as a teenager when she beat all other contestants to win the title and crown at Star Power, IDC, Bravo, star systems, Dance Rave, and also at Rainbow Connections. At around the age of 16 her studio owner Realized that Carly's high energy and innate passion for dance would be a great fit for teaching. She started by assisting and co-choreographing for the studio's Musical Theater Program and also taught technique classes as well. At the age of 19 she started working in Kathy Dagget's Movement Education Tumbling &Sports preschool program. A program dedicated to bringing sports and fitness to preschoolers. she traveled to several preschools in the area including Valley Vista and Robin's Nest in La Crescenta, St. George's, Parents and Children, and La Canada Community Center in La Canada as well as helping the company add Aria Montessori in Pasadena. Soon she also started assistant coaching the Cheer program at Maranatha High School. Under the direction of head coach Tiffiny Wayland.  As if two jobs were not enough Carly also started her journey at Revolution Dance Center around this time. With three teaching jobs under her belt Carly was still ready for the next challenge and left Maranatha High School after two years to accept the head coaching job at La Canada High School. For four years she was in charge of the entire Pep Program. Including strength and conditioning, developing new cheers, choreographing for performances, game etiquette, camp supervision, Songie boy crossover dances, dance collaborations with the school band, and all practices and tryouts. She added a JV song Squad which is now part of La Canada tradition. By the end of 2014 Carly worked had three simultaneous teaching jobs, had married her boyfriend of seven years, purchased a home together, had been promoted to Preschool Director at RDC, had implemented a new RDC dance program at Valley Vista Preschool, and been awarded Best Dance Teacher in all of Glendale by Glendale Newspress. Now Carly is currently focused on her classes at RDC, being Preschool Director along with Co-Director Chelsea Vick, implementing RDC's new Kinder Musical Theater program, expanding the Dance and new Musical Theater program at Valley Vista Preschool, and raising her two year old son Greyson along the constant support of her husband Nicholas Becerra and family. Carly's passion for teaching grows each and every year. A constant and direct calling in life. Her father used to quote Mark Twain and tell her' "if you do what you like, you'll never work a day in your life!"' Teaching is not work for Carly, it is her drive in life. For a great teacher can put a song in your heart, a beat in your feet, and a passion for life in your soul.


Personality traits:

Energetic, Audacious, and Devoted


2287 Honolulu Avenue

Montrose, CA  91020