JKDC - RDC's Competitive Team 

JKDC Team Directors

Fred Diaz & Liz Porter


JKDC is an “audition only” dance competition team that is focused not only on dance technique and performance but also on creating a supportive and creative environment where dancers can learn responsibility, leadership skills and the importance of community service and teamwork.  JKDC members are on an accelerated track and are expected to learn many forms of style and technique.  Dancers are required to be on RDC’s Pre-Professional Track and will take ballet, jazz, and turns & leaps as well as rhythm styles of tap and/or hip hop and expressive styles like lyrical/contemporary and musical theater dance.  JKDC members compete and attend conventions around Southern California and Nevada.   JKDC members are not “one-trick” ponies, they are known as well-trained, versatile dancers who compete in a variety of styles.  Service to the community is also a key component to JKDC as we strive for them to be well-rounded dancers and caring individuals. JKDC stands for kindness, passion, drive, and determination through inspiration, encouragement, and opportunity.  Many of JKDC’s alumni continue to dance after graduating high school in either college or conservatories and some have chosen dance as a career.   We believe TEAM WORK makes the DREAM WORK.