Ms. Chelsea Vick


Chelsea Vick took her first dance class at the age of three and has been dancingever since. She has been a dedicated student and performer for twenty yearsstudying virtually every type of dance, participating in competitive dance andperforming in professional productions. Chelsea consistently demonstrates herversatility as a well-rounded dance professional. She is an experienced teacher(who studied dance education in college), an innovative choreographer, acompetitive dance judge, and a dance studio office administrator and director.She also has experience behind the scenes producing and directing a variety ofperformances. She is a versatile instructor who enjoys teaching a variety ofdance genres and students of all ages (pre-school to adult). She also lovesworking with diverse skill levels. She teaches beginning through advanced tap,contemporary/lyrical, jazz funk, musical theatre, jazz and heels workshops.Chelsea enjoys working in competitive dance as a choreographer and a judge.Her choreography is consistently praised for its “musicality” and “artistry.” She isexperienced choreographing multiple dance genres and has been applauded forbringing out the best in her students from beginning novices to advanceddancers.

Personality Traits

Amiable, Compassionate, and Considerate