Ms. Brittany Lorin


Brittany has subbed at RDC for the last 3 years and is thrilled to be a full faculty member this year! After graduating from the esteemed Oklahoma City University,she moved to NYC. Some favorite credits include, June in Chicago, the 25th anniversary show of Broadway Bares, workshopping Gotta Dance! with JerryMitchell, assisting Rachelle Rak, and performing Broadway ChristmasWonderland, in Tokyo, Japan. After traveling with iLuminate (AGT) for a year, she decided to stay in LA. Since she has had the opportunity to dance on Comedy Central, open for Joe Nichols and most recently, the Radio Disney Music Awards with Sofia Carson. Splitting her time dancing, teaching at RDC and MovementLifestyle, and choreographing for music videos, you can expect a dynamic fun and character driven class from Brittany. Not only teaching the steps, but their origin and how to execute them without injury. I expect my students to do their personal best every class with the goal to come together and create a special and unique experience each time we step onto the floor.

Personality Traits

Vivacious, compassionate, adventurous