RDC Dance Ambassadors

Revolution Dance Centers’ Ambassadors are proactive and confident young dancers who have been recommended by teachers to be advocates for the studio. Our Ambassadors are more than just dancers; they are given the unique opportunity to be a part of the RDC community as performers and representatives of Revolution Dance Center.

To be considered for the Dance Ambassador program, all applicants, including existing Dance Ambassadors, must do the following By June 5th:

1. Fill out the application (Pick up from front desk)
2. Create and turn in a one page proposal for a studio-wide service project
3. Get a recommendation from one of your RDC teachers (must be a teacher that you have had for 6+ months and from 2021-present)

What Happens Next? Your information will be reviewed by the Dance Ambassador Director and the Studio Owners. You will be notified by June 15th if you have been selected to be a Dance Ambassador. If you are selected, you must return the Dance Ambassador contract and enroll in required classes and intensive by July 5th.

Requirements 2021-2022

  1. Be registered in and maintain a 65% attendance in both a ballet-only class and a jazz-only class

  2. Attend the weekly Dance Ambassador class

  3. Participate in 3+ community performances throughout the year

  4. Act as a greeter/helper at RDC events such as Open House, Picture Week,

    Recital or other community outreach programs

  5. 5. Attend the Dance Ambassador intensive (August 13th, 2021)

  6. 6. Participate in RDC’s Service Projects

  7. 7. Perform in RDC’s Dance Ambassador Holiday Show number

  8. 8. Perform in at least one show of RDC’s Recital in the Opening Number (Teacher Feature)


Additional Performance Opportunities:

  1. Participate in one in studio showcase

  2. Participate in community performances

Extra Perks

  1. Headshots

  2. Picnic

  3. Holiday Party 4. Dance Siblings

  4. End of the Year Party


Costs to Participate:

  1. Costs to Participate:

  2. RDC classes – regular RDC fee schedule

  3. Summer 1-day Dance Intensive - $75 per dancer

  4. Performance Costume (used for community performances, studio showcases,

  5. Holiday Show, recital) - $75-$90 (plus tax)

  6. Headshot sitting ($25 per dancer)

  7. Master class ($18 to $45 depending upon master teacher)

  8. Dance Ambassador Sweatshirt ($25 plus tax)